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Graphical Modeling Framework/Tutorial/Part 4

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In this fourth part of the GMF Tutorial, we will begin to explore alternative generation options; namely, the lite runtime option and targeting RCP.

Please note that this portion of the tutorial was created using the 2.0 development stream codebase, just prior to the M2 release. Things may vary, so you may find inaccuracies contained here. If you do, remember... this is a wiki ;) Your help in maintaining, correcting, expanding, etc. the content here is most welcome (as are posts to the newsgroup and bugzilla, actually).

Lite Runtime Generation to RCP

Let's begin with a new workspace to keep things isolated from the main tutorial a bit. This also eases maintenance of the tutorial content. We will begin by generating the EMF code for an RCP application. Your EMF .genmodel settings will be picked up by the GMF generator, in this case.

Generating EMF for RCP

First, let's create a new EMF Project and use our same mindmap.xsd model from the main tutorial as the input.

Mindmap rcp.png

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