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=== Get the source ===
=== Get the source ===
Get the source from the directory links in the Infobox page.
The source code of the GMF project can be found in the CVS repository
* '''CVS''': http://dev.eclipse.org/cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.gmp/
Browse the repository:
* '''ViewCVS''': http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/org.eclipse.gmp/?root=Modeling_Project
=== Development Guidelines ===
=== Development Guidelines ===
There is a complete [[GMF_Development_Guidelines | GMF developer guide]]
There is a complete [[../Development Guidelines | GMF developer guide]]
=== Create patch ===
=== Create patch ===

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GMF Notation: View CVS repo

GMF Runtime: View CVS repo
GMF Tooling: View Git Repo, GitHub


[edit] Communicate

[edit] With GMF users

You can help other people who are using GMF by contributing to the forum http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/f/16/ . If you don't like the forum, you can use org eclipse,modeling.gmf newsgroup which is another way to access the same info.

[edit] With GMF developers

For specific topics, the BugTracker is the preferred way to interact with project committers. But if you have more general questions, you can follow the gmf-dev mailing list and ask you questions here.

If you are interested about the release engineering of GMF, the good place to ask is gmf-releng.

[edit] Report bugs

Here is the place to report bug and track progress: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=GMP

[edit] Develop

[edit] Get the source

Get the source from the directory links in the Infobox page.

[edit] Development Guidelines

There is a complete GMF developer guide

[edit] Create patch

Once you got the source code of GMF and found a modification you wish to contribute, just create a patch and attach it to the related bug. Then committers will review it and perform tests with the patch, If everything is fine, it gets committed.

[edit] Build

See the build instructions

For GMF Tooling, you can also simply use mvn clean install from the root org.eclipse.gmf.tooling/ folder. Note that this is currently not the official build, but it is efficient enought to use for your testing.

[edit] Contributing

There are many articles about contributing to Eclipse projects like Remy Suens blog or the Mylyn Contributor reference.

[edit] Becoming a committer

If you successfully contributed good patches, you deserve to become a committer. Someone should invite you to become a committer. If not, and you think you deserve to be a committer, just ask the gmf-dev mailing-list.