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= Online Help =
= Online Help =
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/prog-guide/runtime/index.html Runtime Programmer's Guide]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/prog-guide/runtime/index.html Runtime Programmer's Guide]</del>
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/howto/diagram/index.html Runtime How-To Guide]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/howto/diagram/index.html Runtime How-To Guide]</del>
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/examples-guide/index.html Runtime Examples]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/examples-guide/index.html Runtime Examples]</del>
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/api/runtime/overview-summary.html Runtime API Reference]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/api/runtime/overview-summary.html Runtime API Reference]</del>
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/api/tooling/overview-summary.html Tooling API Reference]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/api/tooling/overview-summary.html Tooling API Reference]</del>
*[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/extension-points/index.html Extension Points Reference]
*<del>[http://help.eclipse.org/help32/topic/org.eclipse.gmf.doc/reference/extension-points/index.html Extension Points Reference]</del>
= How-To's / Q&A  =
= How-To's / Q&A  =

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Specific tutorials

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How-To's / Q&A

GMF Concepts

Articles about diagram editor concepts and how they are supported in GMF tooling (definition, mapping, generation):

Information on OCL, constraints, audit, and metric features:

Tooling Model Hints

Description of GMF models and usage hints.


Eclipse Corner Articles


  • EclipseCon 2006
    • Introduction to GMF slides
    • Creating your own Domain Specific Modeler using GMF slides
  • EclipseWorld 2006 Building Better Graphical Editors with GMF slides
  • Eclipse Summit Europe 2006 What's New in Modeling at Eclipse slides
  • EclipseCon 2008
    • Introduction to the Graphical Modeling Framework (Network domain demo) Submission
    • GMF:Exemplary MDD Submission
    • Using GMF and M2M for Model-driven-development Submission
  • EclipseCon 2009
    • GMF and QVTO: roads (finally) crossed Session
  • EclipseCon 2010
  • EclipseCon 2011
    • GMF : Create you graphical DSL slides
  • Eclipse Democamp Grenoble 2011
    • Leveraging Modeling Stack in your application: Bonita Open Solution Case Study slides