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Graphical Modeling Framework/Contributors Area/EclipseCon Europe 2011

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Ideas of demo

  • (may be?) 2 diagrams
    • "tables" diagram being developed within 25 mins
    • simple "guests" diagram with UML Actors and 2 type of links
      • we don't need to show how to develop this diagram, we can just use pre-existing one to create 4 guests and 4 links for a final demo
  • Show Visual Effects (smoking, not smoking)
  • Show SVG figures
  • Show validation (haters at the same table)
  • Show OpenDiagramBehavior (navigation from "table" to "guests")

Bootstrap diagram

  • Prototype for creation the diagram structure from the diagram
    • no graphical information, just the GMFMap model is targeted
    • "define by example" instead of implicit definition of "feature link for ECoreClass#someRef", use explicit definition like "from this and that source-nodes to this and that target nodes"
    • actions to map explicit to implicit definitions
    • internal model may be required, with final transformation to GMFMap model

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