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(Generator Model)
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==Graphical Definition==
==Generator Model==
==Generator Model==

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Graphical Definition


Generator Model

Link is represented by GenLink class in the model. It may reference the following model facets:

  • LinkModelFacet
    • TypeLinkModelFacet - for type based links
    • FeatureLinkModelFacet - for feature based links

In addition to the properties derived from the other models GenLink provides:

  • outgoingCreationAllowed (true) - it is possible to draw the link from source to target on diagram
  • incomingCreationAllowed (false) - it is possible to draw the link from target to source on diagram
  • viewDirectionAlignedWithModel (true) - when link is drawn from target to source it's direction in domain and notation models differ; when this property is true view in notation model will be "reoriented" to be aligned with direction in domain model

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