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==== Other tutorials ====
==== Other tutorials ====
* [[/Tutorial/Simple Telecom Network - Flash Tutorial | Flash Tutorial to create a Simple Telecom Network Diagram]]
* [[/Tutorial/Simple Telecom Network - Flash Tutorial | Video (Flash) Tutorial to create a Simple Telecom Network Diagram]]
* [[/Tutorial/BPMN | BPMN Tutorial]]
* [[/Tutorial/BPMN | BPMN Tutorial]]

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What is GMF ?

The Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) provides a generative component and runtime infrastructure for developing graphical editors based on EMF and GEF.

While the main GMF website contains the bulk of information regarding the project, the type of information more appropriately hosted on a wiki is (or will be) found here, such as: FAQs, tutorials, requirements, discussions, etc.
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Get started

Feel free to improve all these resourcesit by your own experience, and if you detect an issue you are not able to fix, please report it!


Main tutorial

  1. Get started with GMF - Mindmap example
  2. Learn how to configure your editor
  3. Advanced customization
  4. GMF Lite

Other tutorials

External tutorials

Advanced documentation



New and Noteworthy


GMF Ecosystem

Supplemental Projects

This section is to point to various projects in the community created to enhance/improve on GMF.

  • gmftools This project offers a collection of development tools, extensions to the runtime library and extensions to the code generator of the Graphical Modeling Framework
  • eugenia EuGENia is a tool that automatically generates the .gmfgraph, .gmftool and .gmfmap models needed to implement a GMF editor from a single annotated Ecore metamodel.

Contributors and commercial support