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Google Summer of Code 2018 Ideas

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Project team member and potential mentors, add your content here. The format suggested below is just an idea. Play with the layout, but please don't mess with content provided by other projects. Please be sure to follow branding guidelines (e.g. "Eclipse Dash", not "Dash"). Putting things in alphabetical order seems like a fair thing to do. Links to content hosted elsewhere are fine, but bear in mind that this page will likely be the main point of contact for people who are not already inside your community.

Eclipse Hono: Web frontend for device registry

Eclipse Hono Eclipse Hono™ provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a back end and interacting with them in a uniform way regardless of the device communication protocol.

The goal of this project would be to develop a simple web frontend for the already existing device registry. Allowing users to view and manage users and devices. For this the existing API should be used when possible. If necessary the backend can be extended with new APIs. Existing technologies and libraries should be re-used.

The tasks would be:

  • Draft a UI
  • Evaluate and choose a frontend technology stack
  • Define necessary APIs
  • Do the actual frontend implementation, backend if necessary

Optionally there could be:

  • An automated UI test
  • A mobile version of the UI

Eclipse Dash

NOTE that this is basically a placeholder to give mentors an idea of how they might format a section of their own. This may actually survive as an idea to present to students, but--by way of expectation management--expect that it will disappear.

Eclipse Dash is a place where the community itself can collaborate on tools for community awareness and collaboration in support of our ultimate objective of committer quality and cooperation. This is very much a research project as we are not entirely sure what these tools will be.

Here are some of our project ideas:

  • Extend the Eclipse Dash Gently Dependency analysis tools to identify the use of third-party JavaScript libraries bug 509617
  • Update the IP cartoons and move them to the handbook bug 498290

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