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Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas

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  • Be creative
  • Be specific: what do you want to be implemented
  • If you are willing to mentor those ideas, add your name and email to the idea.
  • GSoC project ideas should align with an existing Eclipse project
  • If you're an interested student, add your name and email next to the idea. It is ok to have several students interested in one idea.
  • Aspiring students and mentors need to register and submit their proposals on the SoC app

Mentors info

If you were a mentor last year then you are automatically in the list this year (the GSoC site may require that you re-register, but we think of you as "in").

Note that we only accept as mentors people who are known to us. This includes Eclipse committers. If you would like to be a mentor, please either introduce yourself to the group using the soc-dev mailing list, or send a note to EMO.

Ideas submission

Idea proposal should contain the following information:

  • project title, like "WTP - Improve auto-complete in xml editor"
  • description with links to bug reports, project wiki pages, etc
  • Reporter: who submitted idea (optional e-mail)
  • Possible Mentors: who would like to mentor the students
  • More info: other links or e-mail
  • Eclipse Project: link to main eclipse project that improvement is targeting
  • Potential students: who is interested (with optional e-mail). This one completely informal, to actually be interested you need to submit the proposal. Contact the idea owner or possible mentor to get some details before submitting it.


These are some ideas. Students feel free to base your GSoC proposals on these ideas (note that you are more likely to find a mentor for an idea that has been proposed by a mentor). Some of these ideas can be factored into multiple projects; a GSoC project proposal can work on parts of these ideas (i.e. you don't necessarily have to do it all).

There are other sources of ideas. There are numerous bugs in the Eclipse Bugzilla issue tracking system marked as "helpwanted" that may give you ideas.

Eclipse Core Recommenders: Workspace-Local Code Search

When writing software, developers frequently find themselves in a situation, where they are absolutely certain that someone else must have faced (and solved!) the same problem before, but they just cannot find that piece of code. This is where the proposed code search feature can help: Based on the context the developer currently is in (e.g., the current method and the available objects), code search will search through the entire workspace and present pieces of code that match the current context. For this proposal to work well, the search engine must be (1) fast and (2) present its results in a condensed snippet form, so that the developer can quickly decide which results are worth a closer look.

A prototype of a code search engine has already been developed as a Master's thesis at Technische Universität Darmstadt. This project could either build upon that prototype or, taking into account the lessons learned there, start from scratch.

Possible Mentors: Marcel Bruch, Andreas Sewe (contact us on the mailing list)

Idea #2

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