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** Mentor(s): Matthias Sohn
** Mentor(s): Matthias Sohn
* '''[http://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/Equinox_WAR_products WAR deployment for RAP/Equinox based applications]'''
* '''[[RAP/Equinox WAR products|WAR deployment for RAP/Equinox based applications]]'''
** Student: Holger Staudacher
** Student: Holger Staudacher
** Mentor(s): Ruediger Herrmann
** Mentor(s): Ruediger Herrmann

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[edit] About

The Eclipse project intents to participation in Google's Summer of Code program for 2010, following our fourth participation in 2009.

Everyone could provide ideas.

[edit] Communications

The official Eclipse Summer of Code IRC channel is #eclipse-soc located on freenode. Everyone is welcome as it is not restricted to students and mentors.

We also intend to use the soc-dev mailing list. Please subscribe if you are interested.

[edit] Projects

Students and Mentors: Please make sure that you have the project-specific wiki-page up to date (source code location(!), project goals, timeline and current status). If using IRC, add your IRC-name and try to stay online while SOC-coding.

[edit] Register as a student

  • Choose "Sign-in" in the menu bar
  • Choose "Create profile" and fill the form
  • Choose "Register as a Student" and fill the form

Then you may be able to apply for "Eclipse foundation" open-source organization. Please have a look at our application template before apply

[edit] Register as a mentor

  • Choose "Sign-in" in the menu bar
  • Choose "Apply to become a Mentor" under "Programs" > "GSoC 2010" in the left column.
  • Send an email to soc-dev@eclipse.org explaining who you are, which project you are affiliated with, what are your interests and tell us what is your http://socghop.appspot.com/ LINK ID.

Unknown mentors applications WILL be ignored

[edit] Apply as an Organization

We are required to provide an application to GSoC. In past years, Philippe has done this with some (very minor) help from me. This year, I thought that I would invite the rest of the community to participate in the application process. The deadline is approaching, so please add your comments ASAP.