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* '''[[Test Message Generator for the Eclipse Open Health Framework]]'''
* '''[[Test Message Generator for the Eclipse Open Health Framework]]'''
** Student: Srdan Bejakovic
** Student: Srdan Bejakovic (IRC: srdan)
** Mentor(s): Marcelo Paternostro
** Mentor(s): Marcelo Paternostro

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The Eclipse project is pleased to announce our participation in Google's Summer of Code program for 2007, following our first participation in 2006. Eclipse's page for this year's program at Google's website is here.


The official Eclipse Summer of Code IRC channel is #eclipse-soc located on freenode. Everyone is welcome as it is not restricted to students and mentors.

We also intend to use the soc-dev mailing list. Please subscribe if you are interested.

Meetings will happen on the Official Eclipse Summer of Code IRC channel. For information on meetings see the Eclipse SOC 2007 Meeting Page.


  • New Eclipse update manager
    • Student: Prashant Deva
    • Mentor(s): Philippe Ombredanne (IRC: pombreda), Andrew Overholt (IRC: overholt)
  • NetBeans in Eclipse
    • Student: Beyhan Osmanov Veliev (IRC: beyhan)
    • Mentor(s): Philippe Ombredanne (IRC: pombreda)

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