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Google Summer of Code 2006

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Eclipse is participating in Google's Summer of Code 2006. Currently, we have Wayne Beaton, Philippe Ombredanne, and Gunnar Wagenknecht as potential mentors.For more information, please see The Eclipse SOC Landing Page.

Eclipse mentors, sign up here (an administrator -- Wayne or Philippe -- will have to accept your application). After you've signed up (and have been accepted), visit the Mentor home page.


  • ECF BitTorrent Provider
    • Student: Remy Chi Jian Suen
    • Mentor(s): Chris Aniszczyk, Scott Lewis, Wayne Beaton
  • Word Wrap for Text Viewer and Editor
    • Student: Ahti Kitsik
    • Mentor(s): Philippe Ombredanne
  • Generic form description and a prototypical implementation of a render engine for Eclipse RCP
    • Student: Steffen Grün
    • Mentor(s): Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • Enhancing Mylar's Bugzilla Integration
    • Student: Jeff Pound
    • Mentor(s): Mik Kersten
  • Mylar Trac Connector Plug-in
    • Student: Steffen Pingel
    • Mentor(s): Mike Kersten
  • RCP real-time collaboration based upon ECF and GoogleTalk XMPP-based messaging service
    • Student: Mustafa K. Isik
    • Mentor(s): Scott Lewis
  • Shared Code Plug-in (SCP)
    • Student: Marcelo Mayworm
    • Mentor(s): Scott Lewis, Ken Gilmer
  • Eclipse RCP Installer/Packages Generator
    • Student: Jacobo García
    • Mentor(s): Francois Granade
  • A Distributed Object Application Debugger for the Eclipse Platform
    • Student: Giuliano Mega
    • Mentor(s): Fabio Kon
  • Basic Eclipse Mono Development Environment and Contributions Towards an Eclipse IDE Generator
    • Student: Rebecca Chernoff
    • Mentor(s): Doug Schaefer
  • Duplicated code detection tool (SDD)
    • Student: Iryoung Jeong
    • Mentor(s): Pascal Rapicault

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