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** Mentor(s): Gunnar Wagenknecht (IRC: kreismeister)
** Mentor(s): Gunnar Wagenknecht (IRC: kreismeister)
* '''[ Enhancing Mylar's Bugzilla Integration]'''
* '''[[Enhancing Mylyn's Bugzilla Integration]]'''
** Student: Jeff Pound (IRC: jpound)
** Student: Jeff Pound (IRC: jpound)
** Mentor(s): Mik Kersten (IRC: Mik)
** Mentor(s): Mik Kersten (IRC: Mik)
* '''[ Mylar Trac Connector Plug-in]''' ([ #140512])
* '''[[Mylyn Trac Connector Plug-in]]''' ([ #140512])
** Student: Steffen Pingel (IRC: stp)
** Student: Steffen Pingel (IRC: stp)
** Mentor(s): Mik Kersten (IRC: Mik)
** Mentor(s): Mik Kersten (IRC: Mik)

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For this year's program, please go to Google Summer of Code 2007.


The official Eclipse Summer of Code IRC channel is #eclipse-soc located on freenode. Everyone is welcome as it is not restricted to students and mentors.

Two meetings are held every Thursday:

  1. 0900 PDT - 1200 EDT - 1600 UTC
  2. 1600 PDT - 1900 EDT - 2300 UTC

EclipseCon 2007

The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse panel was a success! Thank you for joining us! If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to send an email to any of the past mentors or students for advice.

Eclipse Provisioning

Bug #143583 has been opened to create an infrastructure to host the 'Summer of Code' projects.

Getting the code

Repository Details

A 'Summer of Code' repository has been created and the CVS location and access details are provided below.

Repository Path: /cvsroot/org.eclipse.soc
Connection Type: pserver
User name: anonymous

Project Folders

  • emb: Enhancing Mylar's Bugzilla Integration
  • grrcp: Render engine for Eclipse RCP
  • rcpip: RCP Installer/Packages Generator
  • rcprt: Real-Time Shared Editing
  • scp: Shared Code Plug-in
  • sdd: Duplicated code detection tool
  • torrent: ECF BitTorrent Provider
  • tve: Word Wrap for Text Viewer and Editor


  • ECF BitTorrent Provider (#144133)
    • Student: Remy Chi Jian Suen (IRC: rcjsuen)
    • Mentor(s): Chris Aniszczyk (IRC: zx), Scott Lewis (IRC: slewis2), Wayne Beaton
  • Basic Eclipse Mono Development Environment and Contributions Towards an Eclipse IDE Generator
    • Student: Rebecca Chernoff (IRC: rchern)
    • Mentor(s): Doug Schaefer (IRC: dschaefer)

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