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** Mentor(s): Mike Kersten
** Mentor(s): Mike Kersten
* '''RCP real-time collaboration based upon ECF and GoogleTalk XMPP-based messaging service'''
* '''RT Shared Editing Based Upon ECF'''
** Student: Mustafa K. Isik
** Student: Mustafa K. Isik
** Mentor(s): Scott Lewis
** Mentor(s): Scott Lewis

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  • ECF BitTorrent Provider (#144133)
    • Student: Remy Chi Jian Suen
    • Mentor(s): Chris Aniszczyk, Scott Lewis, Wayne Beaton
  • Word Wrap for Text Viewer and Editor
    • Student: Ahti Kitsik
    • Mentor(s): Philippe Ombredanne
  • Generic form description and a prototypical implementation of a render engine for Eclipse RCP
    • Student: Steffen Grün
    • Mentor(s): Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • RT Shared Editing Based Upon ECF
    • Student: Mustafa K. Isik
    • Mentor(s): Scott Lewis
  • Shared Code Plug-in (SCP)
    • Student: Marcelo Mayworm
    • Mentor(s): Scott Lewis, Ken Gilmer
  • Eclipse RCP Installer/Packages Generator
    • Student: Jacobo García
    • Mentor(s): Francois Granade
  • A Distributed Object Application Debugger for the Eclipse Platform
    • Student: Giuliano Mega
    • Mentor(s): Fabio Kon
  • Basic Eclipse Mono Development Environment and Contributions Towards an Eclipse IDE Generator
    • Student: Rebecca Chernoff
    • Mentor(s): Doug Schaefer
  • Duplicated code detection tool (SDD)
    • Student: Iryoung Jeong
    • Mentor(s): Pascal Rapicault