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Global Functions - Useful JavaScript Functions (BIRT)

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Global Functions - Useful JavaScript Functions (BIRT) This example does not have a Bugzilla ID all code entered on the page.


Basic JavaScript is a good language but there are significant bits of function that are not supported. This page contains examples of useful JavaScript functions that can assist with report development.

BIRT Version Compatibility

This example was built using version 2.2 M5.

Example Files

Rather than enter these examples as functions. Each example is just pasted here in the code.

Creating Global Functions

In order for these functions to be globally accessible the function needs to be added as a global. The recommended procedure here is to use the reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable(name, value) function. So lets imagine that we want to create a global logging function. We would want to add the following code to any Script handler that has access to the reportContext.

function log ( str ){
reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable("log", log);

From that point forward, any other expression or script can access logging by just calling log("message");

The most logical place to add the creation of your global functions is the initialize method of the Report component (the top component in the outline view). Alternately, you may want to add the function to a template.

The following is the collection of useful global functions.


UCFirst (upper case first letter)

Sometimes you want to be able to have just the first letter of word capitalized, at the start of a sentence for example. This function does that for you.

function UCFirst(str){
   // split string
   firstChar = str.substring(0,1);
   remainChar = str.substring(1);

   // convert case
   firstChar = firstChar.toUpperCase(); 
   remainChar = remainChar.toLowerCase();

   return firstChar + remainChar
} // Make function globally available reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable("UCFirst", UCFirst); USAGE
UCFisrt("ALLCAPS"); = gives => Allcaps
UCFirst("alllower"); = gives => Alllower
UCFirst("MiXeDuP"); = gives => Mixedup

UCWords (upper case the first character of each word in a string)

function UCWords(str) {
   // split string on spaces
   arrStr = str.split(" ");

   var strOut = ;

   for (i=0;i<arrStr.length;i++)
       // split string
       firstChar = arrStr[i].substring(0,1);
       remainChar = arrStr[i].substring(1);

       // convert case
       firstChar = firstChar.toUpperCase(); 
       remainChar = remainChar.toLowerCase();

       strOut += firstChar + remainChar + ' ';

   // return string, but drop the last space
   return strOut.substring(0, strOut.length - 1);

   // Make function globally available
   reportContext.setPersistentGlobalVariable("UCWords", UCWords);

UCWords("HELLO WORLD"); = gives => Hello World
UCWords("hello world"); = gives => Hello World
UCWords("hElLo WoRlD"); = gives => Hello World


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I believe there is an error in the function UCWords.

  var strout = ; doesn't compile in my environment.  

It works if I change it to:

  var strout = " ";