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Git for User Assistance Developers

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The Eclipse User Assistance source repository will be in Git starting late August 2011.

Getting Started with Git

If you are not familiar with Git you should start by reading up on it.

Pro Git is an excellent book which describes the concepts behind Git and how to use Git from the command line. It does not cover EGit, the Eclipse Git integration.

EGit is the home page for the EGit project. EGit provides the UI for working with Git in Eclipse.

Configuring Eclipse to Use Git

EGit is not part of the Eclipse SDK download so you will need to add it yourself. This can be done using the update manager. If you are using a recent nightly or integration build http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates-nightly/ is the place to get the latest version of EGit. For Eclipse 3.7 you can install Git from the Indigo site, in the Collaboration category.

[Getting the Sources]

If you are a committer you can use this path to access the repositories: ssh://your_comitter_id@git.eclipse.org/gitroot/platform/eclipse.platform.ua.git

If you do not have commit rights and want to work anonymously use git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/platform/eclipse.platform.ua.git