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Git/External Mirrors

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Eclipse uses GitHub as a source of mirrors.


GitHub populates the mirrors from a script that generates a list of repositories from project metadata:


The script is run manually on a periodic basis. We nudge GitHub every once-in-a-while to run the script and update the mirrors.

The script uses the project metadata as specified in the Developer Portal. The implementation is quite robust; you can specify your project's Git repositories (one per line) in any of the following formats:

(Note that you'll have to replace the wildcards above with absolute values for each of your project's repositories; do not include wildcard characters in the values you specify).



The script (and other uses of this information at eclipse.org) will normalize the value you provide into an appropriate value.


If you actually want to push and pull into a GitHub repository, we'll need to make a team for your project. Open a bug against Community/Git and we'll help you out. Note that we can set up a GitHub team and can make changes here and there, but we are unable to automatically mirror changes in the project committers at this time.