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Git Repositories

Committers new to CVS

Before working on a git repository, please:

  • Read Git for Dummies
  • Note that anyone can commit to their repo, but only Eclipse committers can push their repo to
  • DON'T FORGET to configure your git environment
   git config --global somebody@somewhere.tld
   git config --global "John Doe"

Connecting, cloning a repo

   git clone ssh://


   git clone ssh://


Before committing code to your cloned repo, you must add/commit

Creating a new repository

Eclipse committers with shell accounts can create new repositories.

   cd /gitroot/your_project
   git init --bare --shared

Git mirrors of CVS repositories

The CVS repositories at are being mirrored to read-only git repositories. Please see the git repositories page for the full list of repositories.

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