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Getting the Hello Example Service

Here is a project set file for the Hello Example projects. The easiest way to get these projects is to save this project set file to your local disk, and then import into your workspace via File->Import...->Team Project Set-><load project set file from disk>

TODO: Add the password for the user "anonymous" to the wiki!

You can also load the projects into your local workspace by manually retrieving them from CVS:

cvs method/path:
modules: org.eclipse.ecf/examples/bundles

The IHello service interface is in the o.e.e.examples.remoteservices.hello bundle. The is the service host, and the hello.consumer is the service consumer/client. The is a version of the host that uses declarative services, and o.e.e.e.r.hello.ds.consumer is a version of the consumer that also uses declarative services.

If ECF 3.2 is in the target platform, then these five projects should compile.

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