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Getting started with CDO

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Set up Eclipse

To ensure that everyone starts from the same point and to avoid conflicts with the tutorial we first will download a fresh Eclipse installation. You are free to use your still existing application through the tutorial. You also can start with you own and return to this point if something described in the tutorial does not meet your settings.

Download the Classic version of Eclipse from the following link.

We will use the Classic version because this will give you a good overview which additional Plugins are needed. So if you are running another distribution you can add the missing Plugins, if needed. Unpack the archive and copy the “eclipse” folder to a directory of your choice. This tutorial will use “C:/eclipse”. So far with the installation. Now start the IDE.

Set Up the Environment

The IDE will start with a fresh workspace Now we need to configure the environment with the CDO Plug-ins. You can either download the CDO Plugins from the CDO Downloadpage or follow the next steps to get a feeling for the needed Plugins.

To install the packages open the Update Manager (Help->Software Updates…) and select the "Available Software" tab. alt CDO_Update2.png

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