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Getting Tycho

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Tycho is a Maven extension, so it doesn't need to be downloaded manually. Instead, Maven will automatically download it from Maven Central when you reference the Tycho build extension or one of the Tycho Extras plugins in your POM.

Obviously, you need to have Maven installed. We recommend to use at least Maven 3.1.1. The minimum required version is 3.0.

To use the Tycho build extension, add the following configuration in your parent POM:



Then you can make use of the Tycho packaging types to build Eclipse plug-ins, features, p2 repositories, and Eclipse-based applications.

See the release notes for a list of all available Tycho versions.

Getting Tycho SNAPSHOTS

If you want to use the latest development version of Tycho 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT, update the tycho-version property accordingly and add the Maven repository containing the Tycho snapshots in your parent POM or settings.xml:


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