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Getting Started With Aggregator (Buckminster)

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Installing Eclipse and the Aggregator

  1. Install a fresh Eclipse 3.5 Platform from this location
  2. Start the Eclipse and open the Install New Software wizard. You'll find in under the top menu Help
    Buckminster Install New Software.png
  3. Click the Add... button
    Buckminster Add Site.png
  4. and enter the URL in the Location field.
    Buckminster Install Aggregator.png
  5. Select the Buckminster Aggregator Editor and click Next twice.
  6. Accept the Eclipse Public License and click Finish
  7. Restart the IDE once the installation is finished.

Creating your first aggregation

  1. Create a new empty project. Here it's called aggregation.example but any name will do.
  2. Right click on the project and choose New -> Other... to bring up the New wizard.
    Buckminster New Wizard.png
  3. Select Buckminster -> Aggregator Model and click Next
  4. Name the aggregation. Here it's called Note that the name must end with .build
  5. Click Finish

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