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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes May 27 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday May 27, 2010

Attendees: Mike Keith, Hal Hildebrand, Bob Nettleton, Glyn Normington

  • Subproject Updates
    • Web
      • Sorting out the "works with" dependencies now that the issue has been resolved
      • Code has been committed to Git
      • Plan to get Hudson build going
      • Can ask the person that is doing the Hudson work to be at the next Gemini meeting
    • Naming
      • CQ 4040 now past PMC approval stage
      • Will send out list of other CQs that are left waiting for PMC approval
    • JPA
      • Received approval to check in OSGi enterprise spec companion code
      • Still need to add build integration
    • DBAccess
      • Prepared all of the existing code for build and check in
      • Added a client/server version of Derby JDBC to the project
      • Checked the code into SVN
    • Management
      • CQ has been approved and code is almost ready to be checked in
      • Plan to complete checkin by tomorrow
  • Dependencies
    • PMC discussion concluded with the decision that most test dependencies are "works with"
    • When existing CQ exists then just piggyback on it (even if it is not a "works with")

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