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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes July 8 2010

Gemini Meeting - Thursday July 8, 2010

Attendees: Mike Keith, Shaun Smith, Bob Nettleton, Hal Hildebrand, Glyn Normington

  • Subproject Updates
    • Web
      • Just made Milestone 2 available
      • Changed naming of bundle names and versions to include "Incubation"
      • Got a recent patch from an external user
      • Can't use a different release/milestone target for different project - Glyn to enter a bug
    • Naming
      • Bob made a few changes to the code since being back from vacation
      • Wondering what the best way is to access the OSGi enterprise JAR when it is not in Maven central
      • Hal mentioned that you can check the JAR into local source folder and reference it by URL in a repo entry in the POM
    • Management
      • No changes have been made since initial checkin
      • Hal to put a build in place and add any tests that he may have into the project
      • Will have a milestone by the end of the month
    • DBAccess
      • Changed some tests and fixed a version bug
      • Should be close to ready for a milestone build
    • JPA
      • Reorganizing the tests
      • Shaun is working on the EclipseLink changes to enable weaving
      • If EclipseLink has a release coming up then it will help Gemini JPA have something to reference, otherwise a milestone will be referenced
  • End of July Milestone
    • Make sure that no documentation, blogging or references refer to the milestone as a "release" since that means something different in terms of process
    • Must add "incubation" to the version and the bundle name
    • Will all try to use the same naming patterns
      • Name of milestone downloadable subproject files will be: gemini-<subproject>-<ReleaseVersion>-M<milestone#>-incubation
    • Simple setup info can be placed on the wiki (with an optional readme file to direct people to the wiki)
    • Should each try to make sure that the milestone of our subproject works with the current milestones other Gemini subprojects
    • No requirements for actually distributing the source (or anything else) in the downloadable milestone

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