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Gemini/Meetings/Minutes Apr 29 2010

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Gemini Meeting - Thursday April 29, 2010

Attended: Hal Hildebrand, Bob Nettleton, Chris Frost, Mike Keith

  • Subproject status reports
    • JNDI
      • Received notification to check in project source through parallel IP
      • In the process of CQ'ing test cases and their dependencies
      • Will check in the project source at the same time as the tests (probably next week)
    • JMX
      • Nothing to report
    • DB Access
      • Web site has been revamped and now contains all of the incubation symbols, etc.
      • Code has been packaged-renamed and is close to being in shape to be CQ'ed
      • Will probably be CQ-submitted by the end of the week
    • JPA
      • Working with EclipseLink team to get the EclipseLink code currently in an incubator into the EclipseLink trunk
  • Web site update
    • Mike already borrowed the Gemini Web subproject pages and used them in Gemini DB Access. Is going to do the same with JPA, and recommends that other subprojects might also want to follow suit for consistency
    • Chris is now a committer on the Gemini parent project and has permission to edit the web site files. He will report by next week on his progress on the main web site
  • Project Logo
    • Wait another week to see if other logo ideas surface
    • Hope to decide on a logo in next week's meeting
  • Gemini-dev mailing list
    • Is there any way to know who has subscribed? (Mike to check)

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