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  1. Container Mode
    The OSGi JPA specification does not define or support the notion of Container mode in JPA, only Java SE mode (using the JPA 2.0 javax.persistence.jdbc properties).
  2. Self-contained Persistence Bundles
    The OSGi JPA specification dictates that all entities and metadata for a given persistence unit must be contained within a single persistence bundle.
  3. jar-file Element
    Mostly because of (2), there is no support for the jar-file element in the persistence descriptor. All entities must be in the persistence bundle and on the bundle classpath.
  4. Multiple Providers
    Support for multiple installed persistence providers is provided, but the OSGi JPA specification does not prescribe how a persistence unit that does not specify the provider is assigned to a provider. When multiple persistence providers are active, persistence units should always include a provider element.
  5. JTA Transactions
    Primarily because of (1), only the RESOURCE_LOCAL transaction type is supported. Support for JTA transactions is not currently offered.