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(M3 Status)
(M3 Status)
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| [ Mylyn] || Mik Kersten ||  || +1 || || ||  
| [ Mylyn] || Mik Kersten ||  || +1 || || ||  
| [ SOA Tools Platform (STP) Project] ||Oisin Hurley || Oisin Hurley || +2 || || ||  
| [ SOA Tools Platform (STP) Project] ||Oisin Hurley || Oisin Hurley || +3 || <b style="color:red">B</b> || ||  
| [ TPTP (Platform, Test, Trace, Monitoring)] || Joanna Kubasta || Joel Cayne || +2 || <b style="color:green">R</b> || n/a || [ TPTP 4.5.0M3]  
| [ TPTP (Platform, Test, Trace, Monitoring)] || Joanna Kubasta || Joel Cayne || +2 || <b style="color:green">R</b> || n/a || [ TPTP 4.5.0M3]  

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About This Page

This page is designed to improve communication during the development of the Ganymede release. It will be particularly important during the Ganymede Final Daze in June 2008.

  • To ease readability & usability, please use consistent status codes such as these, or add more as required.
  • To receive email notifications of changes to this page, log in, then click the link at left: Watch.


  • Built: RC build is done, but is still being tested or not all artefacts exist yet
  • Done: RC build is done (all publishable zips + update site jars) and available on a staging mirror (eg., or fullmoon.*
  • Promoted (published): build is done, promoted (available on, and ready to be renamed to R
  • IMPORTANT: Please provide URLs for both RC and R builds so everyone knows what is nearly final and what will be final after the rename
  • This may not apply for Milestones if you simply publish them without renaming.
  • Released (renamed): RC build is done, promoted, and renamed to its final R name


See Schedule

M3 Status

Project/Component Project/Component Lead(s) Release Eng'g Offset Status RC URL R URL
BIRT Wenfeng Li Xiaoying Gu +2 B
Buckminster Thomas Hallgren, Henrik Lindberg Thomas Hallgren +2
CDT Doug Schaefer Vivian Kong +1 R
DLTK Andrey Platov Andrey Platov +1 R S-1.0M3-200711091536
DSDP DD Pawel Piech Ted Williams +2
DSDP TM Martin Oberhuber Martin Oberhuber +2 R 3.0 I20071108-0600 S-3.0M3-200711141025
DTP John Graham +1 R
ECF Scott Lewis +1 R
The Eclipse Project
Platform, JDT, PDE, Equinox
Philippe Mulet Kim Moir 0 R 3.4 I20071101-2000 S-3.4M3-200711012000
Query, Transaction, Validation
Ed Merks
Christian Damus
Nick Boldt +1 EMF: R
n/a EMF 2.4.0M3 S200711062140

EMF Query 1.2.0M3 S200711071302
EMF Transaction 1.2.0M3 S200711071322
EMF Validation 1.2.0M3 S200711071311

EMF Search
EMF Compare
Ed Merks
Lucas Bigeardel
Cédric Brun
Martin Taal
Nick Boldt +2 Search: P EMF Search 0.7.0 I200711140532
GEF Anthony Hunter Anthony Hunter +1 R n/a

GEF 3.4 M3 S-3.4M3-200711051144

GMF Richard Gronback Max Feldman +2 R

Graphical Modeling Framework S-2.1M3-200711140000

UML2 Tools
Kenn Hussey
Christian Damus
James Bruck
Michael Golubev
Ed Merks
Nick Boldt +2

UML2 Tools: ?


OCL 1.2.0M3 S200711121359
UML2 2.2.0M3 S200711121155
UML2 Tools
XSD 2.4.0M3 S200711062140

Paul Elder Nick Boldt +2 R n/a JET 0.9.0M3 S200711130928
Mylyn Mik Kersten +1
SOA Tools Platform (STP) Project Oisin Hurley Oisin Hurley +3 B
TPTP (Platform, Test, Trace, Monitoring) Joanna Kubasta Joel Cayne +2 R n/a TPTP 4.5.0M3
Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project David Williams David Williams +2 R S-3.0M3-20071114232332

Future Status

To add a new status item, see Template:Ganymede/Signoffs. Revise that code if necessary (eg., to add/delete new projects) and then copy it here.

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