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Ganymede/For Users

This page is for consumers of the Ganymede Simultaneous Release. Testers and early adopters should find this page useful.

Milestones and Release Candidates

M2 Oct 9
M3 Nov 20
M4 Jan 11
M5 Feb 26
M6 - API Freeze
M7 - RC0
Ganymede June 29


Eclipse projects have three communication channels: a mailing list for developers, a newsgroup for users, and Bugzilla. Ganymede, although not a "project" per se, will use the same structure:

  • cross-projects-issues-dev [1] - mailing list for developers and releng
  • eclipse.simultaneous-release (TBC) - newsgroup for users
  • bugzilla (new & search) Eclipse Foundation > Community > Cross-Project

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