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Ganymede/Final Daze/Modeling Project

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Revision as of 05:17, 23 June 2008 by (Talk | contribs) (Addenda for the Modeling Project builds)

Addenda for the Modeling Project builds

Freezing ray.jpg
  • *DO NOT* publish your final R builds (using the promo.php page or ./ until after Denis turns on his freezing ray, and the servers are frozen. Wait for an email to be sent to (if you're not subscribed already, you should be!).
  • Our 20 builds should be published in dependency order so that the update sites work correctly. This means we should run in this sort of order, waiting for your dependencies to be available before you run your promote.
0. Platform
1. EMF+XSD, GEF, Orbit
2. UML2, JET, Teneo, Compare, Mint, Net4j
4. Query, Validation, Op QVT
5. Transaction
6. GMF
7. UML2 Tools, Ecore Tools
8. Search
  • To facilitate this ordering, we can use a number of communication methods to announce when builds are done.
  • post to #eclipse-modeling on IRC
  • post to
  • wiki updates to the Ganymede Signoffs page, changing status codes to Promoted.
  • When the servers unfreeze, the Ganymede Signoffs page should be updated to use Released.

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