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Galileo/Final Daze/Modeling Project

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  • What exactly to do for modelling projects and when?

Last year we met on IRC in #eclipse-modeling to make sure that projects were published in the correct order:

Ganymede/Final Daze/Modeling Project

The only real limitation w/ the current system is that people should NOT PROMOTE their final, renamed or rebuilt builds AT THE SAME TIME within the same project, as this will corrupt the p2 metadata generation process, and you'll end up with an unusable update site.

  • Seems like we should make our release build on Monday but should not promote them, right?

You can promote them as soon as they're ready; there's a file in CVS which controls the visibility of R builds, for example:


If there's a build ID listed in that file, it will NOT be shown on the downloads page, but will be available for the mirrors to pick it up and replicate it. If you remove the entry in the file, it will mark the build visible on www.eclipse.org.

  • But update site are created only if one promote them, is there a workaround?


  • What about .build files?

Create them by hand, or create them as part of the publishing/promoting script. Your choice. You can also generate them using /home/www-data/build/modeling/scripts/promoteToEclipse.sh and the -coordsiteonly galileo flag. Run the script without options to get detailed usage instructions re: the other required flags.