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All times below are in Eastern Daylight Time (which is UTC-4).
All times below are in Eastern Daylight Time (which is UTC-4).
'''Note: ''' since we do not have "sign off" pages any longer, if anyone is the least bit late (or even close to late) to meeting deadlines, please keep everyone informed via cross-project mailing list.
==Monday 6/22==
==Monday 6/22==

Revision as of 22:23, 1 June 2009

Most of this content was authored by David Williams for Callisto, and it still applies today for Galileo, so...

The following is a "blow-by-blow" schedule of the final days leading up to the Galileo simultaneous release. This is one of the responsibilities of our heterogeneous projects working together towards having a simultaneous release.

Failure to follow these procedures and schedules can have dire consequences, which we all have seen before at one time or another -- if not done in the right way, in the right order, at the right time, mirrors get busy replicating one project, but other projects have difficulty accessing to produce their final builds much less upload them, so a "chain reaction" begins and everyone is much delayed simply due to network and infrastructure bottlenecks -- or, I should say, from someone not following these procedures and schedules! :)

Plus, this schedule and procedure should ensure the mirror system get's fully populated before demand for downloads gets in full swing -- meaning much fewer delays, 403's, and failed downloads for end-users -- which all Eclipse users will appreciate.

New for Galileo

  • We can no longer 'freeze' the downloads server, so we will rely on teams putting builds in place and simply keeping them 'hidden' from their public web pages for 24 hours

From Now to 6/17

Clean up "old" builds and releases

Delete or archive "old" builds or releases and even Galileo milestone builds that are mirrored. This is important to reduce space used on the mirror servers. Not only is this a "nice" thing to always do, it is essential for this Galileo release, as it can help avoid those mirror servers from filling up once they get the final release and they themselves having problems mirroring Galileo, once it is released. And, of course, if they have problems, we all have problems! Everyone should have space at, if not already using,, and if you are not sure how to "archive" a release there, please ask (it is easy).

We ask this clean up to be done a week ahead of the release so a) all mirrors can be sure to easily get "synced up" with the new minimal amounts, and b) allows time for some inspections and audits and projects that appear to be non-compliant will be asked to explain their use of resources.

From Now to 6/22

Prepare releases offline

That is, prepare your final releases zipped files, update jars, etc., but do not put zipped up builds, update jars, etc., in their final (mirrored) release areas of until instructed to do so. This may require some projects to "turn off" some final step of their build process, depending on how they do it, and how and when its copied to If you have a special circumstance that does not fit in the following procedure and schedule, please send a note to discuss with our Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) at and work out a plan to accommodate your special situation.

Note: this may mean some projects need to "adjust" their final build procedures, so they do not rely on some other projects official, final, mirrored release, but this should not be required as any "pre-req'd" projects should just be making minor changes to doc, or highly local and internal bug fixes (nothing that would be changing constants or API's or even non API signatures!). If you do need some official, final release of a pre-req project, please work with them to find out where to get it from (other than a mirrored location).

All times below are in Eastern Daylight Time (which is UTC-4).

Note: since we do not have "sign off" pages any longer, if anyone is the least bit late (or even close to late) to meeting deadlines, please keep everyone informed via cross-project mailing list.

Monday 6/22

by 17:00 EDT, at the latest

  • projects have prepared zips downloads and all update site files
  • Teams are free to push final builds in their final location at any time, hiding them from public web pages
  • if anyone needs to update their web-pages ahead of time, with other projects final URLs, please ask on cross-project mailing list if you do not know what it will be.
  • projects ensure update jars are in their "temporary" locations, as listed in the *.build files
  • Galileo staging update site will be created to verify all are accurate, and ready to be copied to releases area
    • David to send email when all aggregate builds done, and that 'staging' is ready for EPP final builds.
  • EPP will start building packages as soon as the Galileo staging update site is ready (releases/staging and eclipse/updates/3.5milestones will be the input for the packages); depending on the server load the build takes about 100 minutes
  • EPP package maintainers and planning-council mailing list will receive a mail with a link to the final EPP packages
  • EPP package maintainers need to test the final packages and must send their 'go' to the epp-dev mailing list
  • last opportunity for anyone to declare "emergency, stop ship" (and it had really better be an emergency! A simple build machine crash does not qualify ... better have backups! ... and, maybe, a lab fire might qualify if it is wide spread :)

Tuesday 6/23

Freezing ray.jpg

9:00am EDT

  • EPP package maintainers declared their 'go' on the epp-dev mailing list
  • Teams are free to push final builds in at any time, hiding them from public web pages

This Includes:

  • upload/copy/rsync zip files.
  • update to project's 'released' update sites.
  • Galileo "staging" copied to "released"
    • update (or verify) /releases/galileo has correct mirroring URL
    • update (or verify) that composite repository URL points to final /eclipse/updates URL
  • rename EPP packages and copy to "released" <== this is super important, as the new Main Downloads Page and the Packaging Site makes the EPP packages the default!
[Nathan] Disable the Cron job from updating the Packaging Site Till 9AM Wednesday

By 10:00am EDT

  • Denis prepares torrent files
  • Nathan publishes 'Galileo is here for Friends only' page for the main downloads page; links for Friends mirrors and Bit Torrents only
  • Denis Emails Friends of Eclipse with details on how to get the downloads from the friends mirror.


  • wait overnight, see if mirrors get the files
  • projects should prepare final web pages, announcements, press releases, etc.

Wednesday 6/24

09:00 EDT

  • Denis to do a mirror-site sanity check. How many? Are they all done?

I think it might take more than 3 minutes to do a mirror sanity check :-) We'd like to check that p2 updates is working as expected with the mirrors for Galileo. Please send a note to the cross-project list when you see that there are enough mirrors so we can also do a sanity check.


Could you also add a step to update the ip to geolocation table at some point before 9AM?


Assuming all is well,

  • Nathan
  1. Put web pages live, make announcements.
  2. Update Homepage / Promotion / Friends of Eclipse Images to post release.
  3. Re-enable Packaging Site Cron Job and Promote Final Release to Front Page.


  1. Earth Shattering Kaboom

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