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* [http://www.ibm.com IBM]
* [http://www.ibm.com IBM]
* [http://www.obeo.fr Obeo]
* [http://www.obeo.fr Obeo]
* [http://www.bonitasoft.com BonitaSoft]
* [http://www.petalslink.com PetalsLink]
* [http://www.montages.com/thinktanks.html Montages]
== Products built on GMF ==
== Products built on GMF ==
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* Web Site :  
* Web Site :  
**[http://www.obeo.fr/pages/obeo-designer/fr http://www.obeo.fr/pages/obeo-designer/fr (French Version)]
**[http://www.obeodesigner.com http://www.obeodesigner.com]  
**[http://www.obeo.fr/pages/mda-platform/en http://www.obeo.fr/pages/obeo-designer/en (English version)]
=== Bonita Open Solution ===
=== Bonita Open Solution ===

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This page is intended to show what organizations are using GMF in product development, those who offer consulting and/or training on GMF, and those who contribute to GMF. Feel free to add your own links to this page.

GMF Contributors

Products built on GMF

Obeo Designer

  • License : commercial
  • Description :
Obeo Designer is a software factory built on the top of Eclipse, GMF and Acceleo. 
It helps software designers to improve their productivity by using specialized diagrams, source code generators and
a model / source code traceability system.
Obeo designer can be used to industrialise several platforms : 
J2EE (Struts, Hibernate, EJB, ...), .Net, PHP, RCP, and custom frameworks.
  • Kind of modeler(s) : Cinematic, Entity, SOA, RCP

Bonita Open Solution

  • License : GPLv2
  • Description : An intuitive and powerful solution to build process based applications
  • Kind of modeler(s) : BPMN

Training and Consulting on GMF


  • Training :
    • Learning GMF
    • EMF, GMF and Acceleo
  • Consulting :
    • Consulting on all Eclipse Modeling Project
    • Realization on request of GMF modelers and/or Acceleo generators
  • Countries :
    • France
    • Europe