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=== Newsgroup Noteworthy Q&A ===
=== Newsgroup Noteworthy Q&A ===
*[[GMF_Newsgroup_Q&A|eclipse.modeling.gmf]] (current)
*[[GMF_Newsgroup_Q%26A|eclipse.modeling.gmf]] (current)
*[[GMF_Archived_Newsgroup_Q&A|]] (archived)
*[[GMF_Archived_Newsgroup_Q&A|]] (archived)

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Documentation Index

Feel free to contribute to this index!


Online Help

General Documentation

Articles about diagram editor concepts and how they are supported in GMF tooling (definition, mapping, generation):

Information on OCL, constraints, audit, and metric features:

Tooling Model Hints

Description of GMF models and usage hints.

Newsgroup Noteworthy Q&A


  • EclipseCon 2006
    • Introduction to GMF slides
    • Creating your own Domain Specific Modeler using GMF slides
  • EclipseWorld 2006 Building Better Graphical Editors with GMF slides
  • Eclipse Summit Europe 2006 What's New in Modeling at Eclipse slides

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