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GEF and GMF usage and customizations

The stp.bpmn modeler is built on GMF that itself depends on GEF and EMF.

This page is a place to share our experience developing with GEF and GMF in the context of this application.

It targets the GMF GEF developer who might need to do similar things. All of them are code based modifications: nothing related to the code generation although templates could be modified.

Some of these paragraph might be better placed in the GMF or the GEF wiki. If this is the case, please let us know which items should graduate there.

In order to achieve the look and feel and to support our domain model a couple of things had to be worked upon specifically.

This page is very incomplete currently.

Palette behavior and look-and-feel preferences customizations

Sitcky tool mode: select twice the same tool and it will not unload when used.

SelectionTool customization

Double click issues a direct edit request. No edit-mode at the end of a creation.

Snap-helpers inside compartments

Clipboard support

In progress. Support inside the diagram and the various compartments.

Selection of compartments behavior

Connection routers

Vertical label

Shapes attached to the border: using a second compartment

Save the layout between collapse-expand of shapes.

Pool layout and setbound policies

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