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GEF/New and Noteworthy/3.8


CBI-Compliant Infrastructure

The major concern of the 3.8 release has been to modernize the rather outdated release engineering infrastructure of GEF and make it suitable for a CBI scenario. That is, the GEF cvs repository has been migrated to Git (see Bug #351232 for details) and the CI build system has been migrated from the outdated common modeling build infrastructure to Tycho/Hudson (see Bug #363394 for details). As a result of this migration, the repository has been cleaned up (old projects were removed) and several build-related problems have been ruled out as well (e.g. missing javadocs). Furthermore, the update-sites have been re-created and the web contents (downloads page) has been updated accordingly.

GEF 4 Provisional Component

The second major concern during the 3.8 release period was the initiation of a GEF4 provisional component. While up to the 3.8 release, work has been spent on creating a new double-precsision Geometry API (see Bug #355997 for details), plans are to port the remaining parts of the Draw2d and GEF (MVC) 3.8 code base to after the Juno release, as well as the up to now independently developed Zest2 code base (see Bug #372365 for details).


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