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=== MatchSizeAction ===
=== MatchSizeAction ===
Similar to <code>MatchWidthAction</code> and <code>MatchHeightAction</code>, a concrete <code>MatchSizeAction</code> was now made available.
Similar to <code>MatchWidthAction</code> and <code>MatchHeightAction</code>, a concrete <code>MatchSizeAction</code> was now made available (see []).

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Refactoring of Geometry API

Geometry API was refactored to guarantee consistency between integer-precision and double-precision version of Point/PrecisionPoint, Dimension/PrecisionDimension, and Rectangle/PrecisionRectangle. Synchronization between the still exposed integer-precision fields (x, y, width, height) and the no-longer exposed double-precision fields (preciseX, preciseY, preciseWidth, preciseHeight) is performed automatically by precision classes now, so clients may use the precision versions transparently, being no longer forced to perform a manual update of the respective fields. See 124904, 142628, and 271235 for details.


Refactoring of Layout and PrimaryDrag edit policies



MarqueeSelectionTool was enhanced to now offer the following default marquee behaviors:

  • BEHAVIOR_CONNECTIONS_TOUCHED (supported since 3.1)
  • BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED (supported since 3.1, default behavior)
  • BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED_AND_RELATED_CONNECTIONS (supported since 3.1, formerly known as BEHAVIOR_NODES_AND_CONNECTIONS, which was in turn deprecated).

Furthermore, clients may now customize behavior of MarqueeSelectionTool by subclassing and overwriting calculateSelectionDelta(Rectangle marqueeSelectionRectangle, Collection editPartsToSelect, Collection editPartsToDeselect). See 67991 for details.


Similar to MatchWidthAction and MatchHeightAction, a concrete MatchSizeAction was now made available (see [1]). MatchSizeAction.png

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