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== Draw2d==
=== Refactoring of Geometry API ===
The "New & Noteworthy" pages have been migrated to GitHub:
Geometry API was refactored to guarantee consistency between integer-precision and double-precision version of <code>Point</code>/<code>PrecisionPoint</code>, <code>Dimension</code>/<code>PrecisionDimension</code>, and <code>Rectangle</code>/<code>PrecisionRectangle</code>. Synchronization between the still exposed integer-precision fields (x, y, width, height) and the no-longer exposed double-precision fields (preciseX, preciseY, preciseWidth, preciseHeight) is performed automatically by precision classes now, so clients may use the precision versions transparently, being no longer forced to perform a manual update of the respective fields. See [ 124904], [ 142628], and [ 271235] for details.
== GEF ==
=== Refactoring of Layout and PrimaryDrag edit policies ===
=== MarqueeSelectionTool ===
<code>MarqueeSelectionTool</code> was enhanced to now offer the following default marquee behaviors:
* BEHAVIOR_CONNECTIONS_TOUCHED (supported since 3.1)
* BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED (supported since 3.1, default behavior)
* BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED_AND_RELATED_CONNECTIONS (supported since 3.1, formerly known as BEHAVIOR_NODES_AND_CONNECTIONS, which was in turn deprecated).
Refactored MarqueeSelectionTool, by separating those code fragments depending on the current tool mode from those depending on the selected marquee behavior. Clients may now customize behavior of <code>MarqueeSelectionTool</code> by subclassing and customizing the following methods:
* performMarqueeSelect()
* calculateMarqueeSelectedEditParts()
* isMarqueeSelectable(EditPart)
The following methods are now exposed (protected visibility) so clients can consume them:
* getCurrentMarqueeSelectionRectangle()
* getCurrentSelectionMode()
=== MatchSizeAction ===
Similar to <code>MatchWidthAction</code> and <code>MatchHeightAction</code>, a concrete <code>MatchSizeAction</code> [[Image:MatchSizeAction.png]] was now made available (see [ 107916]).

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The "New & Noteworthy" pages have been migrated to GitHub:

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