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== Draw2d==
=== Geometry ===
The "New & Noteworthy" pages have been migrated to GitHub:
Geometry API was completely refactored to ensure consistency between integer-precision and double-precision version of <code>Point</code>/<code>PrecisionPoint</code>, <code>Dimension</code>/<code>PrecisionDimension</code>, and <code>Rectangle</code>/<code>PrecisionRectangle</code>. Synchronization between the still exposed integer-precision fields (x, y, width, height) and the no-longer exposed double-precision fields (preciseX, preciseY, preciseWidth, preciseHeight) is performed automatically by precision classes now, so clients may use the precision versions transparently, being no longer forced to perform a manual update of the respective fields. See [ 124904], [ 142628], and [ 271235] for details.
== GEF ==
=== Layout / PrimaryDragRole EditPolicy Refactoring ===
=== Marquee Selection Tool ===
<code>MarqueeSelectionTool</code> was enhanced to now offer the following default marquee behaviors ([ 67991]):
* BEHAVIOR_CONNECTIONS_TOUCHED (supported since 3.1)
* BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED (supported since 3.1, default behavior)
* BEHAVIOR_NODES_CONTAINED_AND_RELATED_CONNECTIONS (supported since 3.1, formerly known as BEHAVIOR_NODES_AND_CONNECTIONS, which was in turn deprecated).
Furthermore, clients may now customize behavior of <code>MarqueeSelectionTool</code> by subclassing and overwriting <code>calculateSelectionDelta(Rectangle marqueeSelectionRectangle, Collection editPartsToSelect, Collection editPartsToDeselect)</code>.

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The "New & Noteworthy" pages have been migrated to GitHub:

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