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GEF/New and Noteworthy/3.6


Puristic Scrollbar

Draw2d now provides a puristic scrollbar as alternative to the classic scrollbar.
Scrollbar.png PuristicScrollbar.jpg

Ghost Image Figure

Semi-transparent ghost image figures now be easily created for arbitrary Draw2d figures, e.g. to render feedback.

Clipping Strategy

Draw2d figures can now be parameterized with a clipping strategy (IClippingStrategy) to establish custom clipping behavior for their children. If no clipping strategy is provided, the default clipping behavior prior to 3.6 is applied, i.e. child figures are clipped at their parent's client area.

As this default clipping behavior leads to quite poor results in case connections are drawn from nested viewports ...
... a clipping strategy implementation (ViewportAwareConnectionLayerClippingStrategy) to deal with this is now available, being the default clipping strategy of the logic editor's ConnectionLayer.


Scrollable Selection Feedback

GEF now offers a special SelectionEditPolicy to render the hidden contents of a viewport by means of semi-transparent ghost images for the nested children and related connections. That is, in case the ScrollableFeedbackSelectionPolicy is registered at a host edit part, the hidden contents can now be easily made visible by a primary selection of the host figure.

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