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Graph Example (Standalone, Eclipse UI)

The Graph Example is provided as a standalone JavaFX application as well as an Eclipse UI integration.

Graph Example (Standalone)

  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples.graph

GEF4 Zest stand-alone Graph example

Graph Example (UI-integration)

  • feature: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples
  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples
  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples.graph
  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples.graph.ui

GEF4 Zest in Eclipse

Note that, if you are running on Linux with GTK3, you have to force SWT to use the GTK2 API by setting the environment variable SWT_GTK3 to 0, because of a JavaFX/SWT integration bug (Bugzilla #469126).

JFace-API Examples (undeployed)

  • bundle: org.eclipse.gef4.zest.examples.ui

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