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Examples for GEF4

Examples for GEF4 are documented under the respective GEF4 components.

Examples for Draw2d, GEF (MVC), and Zest


There is a bunch of Draw2d Examples, currently NOT bundled with the GEF SDK, which can be obtained from the GEF source code repository.


There are four reference examples for GEF (MVC), which are bundled with the SDK and can as well be obtained via the GEF cvs repository:

Besides, there are the following, not officially maintained examples (which are also not bundled with the GEF SDK, but can as well be accessed via the GEF source code repository):

  • Directed Graph Example (Part 1 and Part 2) by Anthony Hunter.


There is a set of Zest Snippets to demonstrate the usage of the Zest component. There is also a PDE incubator component which may serve as a demonstration example for Zest, the Plug-in Dependency Visualization.

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