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GEF/Developer FAQ

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What is GEF

The Graphical Editing Framework is an open source framework dedicated to providing a rich, consistent graphical editing environment for applications on the Eclipse Platform.

Why should I use GEF?

GEF enables developers to easily create rich graphical editors within Eclipse. GEF has been used to build a variety of applications, including state diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, GUI builders for AWT, Swing and SWT, and process flow editors. For more information on GEF features, please see the Project Overview.

What version of Eclipse do I need?

A given version of GEF requires the exact same version of the Eclipse Platform. For example, GEF 3.0.1 requires Eclipse 3.0.1.

How do I make a suggestion for this FAQ?

The best way to contribute to this FAQ is to post your suggestion to the GEF newsgroup with the subject prefixed by "[FAQ]". You may post just a question or both a question and answer.

Which operating systems does GEF support?

GEF is written in pure Java and should run on all operating systems officially supported by the Eclipse platform. It's primarily tested on Windows and Linux (GTK and Motif). See the readme file that came with your installation of GEF for specific versions.

How is GEF licensed?

GEF if licensed in accordance with the Eclipse Public License. Third party components built using GEF are made available under their own licenses.

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