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GEF/Contributor Guide

GEF Development Environment

Java Version

Currently GEF is built against Java 1.4. It is possible that future versions of GEF will migrate to Java 1.5 or higher versions (see Bug #204605).

Eclipse Target Platform

A given version of GEF requires the exact same version of the Eclipse Platform SDK as target. For example, GEF 3.6.0M6 is built against Eclipse Platform SDK 3.6.0M6. The GEF EDiagram example furthermore relies on a compatible EMF version.

API Tooling

The GEF development team uses the preceding Eclipse Platform SDK and GEF SDK release version as an API baseline to maintain API compatibility, i.e. for the 3.6 development, the API baseline is 3.5.2. Checks for API breakages and evolutions are set per project and committed alongside them.

Code Style (Formatting)

Currently the GEF project does not define any code style guidelines. From GEF 3.6.0M7 onwards, it is planned to adopt the Eclipse built-in formatter profile and to prescribe it for all future contributions (see Bug #308372).

Checking out the code

Using Team Project Set File (PSF)

  • Download the Team Project Set (.psf) file and save it on your computer.
  • Open Eclipse and switch to the Java perspective.
  • Through the File menu, select File => Import and in the Import popup, select Team => Team Project Set and hit "Next".
  • Select the Team Project Set (psf) file you saved on your disk.
  • Eclipse might prompt you to create the CVS repository. Do so by either choosing a pserver connection with "anonymous" as your user name and a blank password, or extssh connection with your respective credentials in case you are a commiter.
  • Each plugin of the GEF project will now be checked out in your workspace.

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