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(g-Eclipse Project)
(g-Eclipse Project)
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* Project Homepage @ Eclipse.org: [http://www.eclipse.org/geclipse]
* Project Homepage @ Eclipse.org: [http://www.eclipse.org/geclipse]
* Project Homepage of the Eclipse Consortium: [http://www.geclipse.eu]
* Project Homepage of the Eclipse Consortium: [http://www.geclipse.eu]
* Milestone and Release Planning: [[G-Eclipse_Planning|g-Eclipse Planning]]
=== Milestone Planning ===
g-Eclipse project will provide the following releases:
* g-Eclipse 0.5.0  (June 2007) <br> including the following features:
** Grid authentication management
** Grid resource management
** Grid job management
** Grid data management
** including an implementation for the gLite [http://www.glite.org] middleware.
* g-Eclipse 1.0.0  (June 2008) <br> including the following planed features:
** including an implementation for a second Grid middleware (not yet defined)
** revision of the core features
** final definition of API and extension points
=== Obtaining the source code ===
=== Obtaining the source code ===

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g-Eclipse Project

Important Links

  • Project Homepage @ Eclipse.org: [1]
  • Project Homepage of the Eclipse Consortium: [2]
  • Milestone and Release Planning: g-Eclipse Planning

Obtaining the source code

The source code that is currently in the Subversion repository has some external dependencies which are not yet resolved. We are working on a solution and expect something to download soon. Please check this website for updates or the main website at [3].

The g-Eclipse subversion repository is available at svn://dev.eclipse.org:/svnroot/technology/eu.geclipse. It contains the usual svn directory structure TRUNK, BRANCHES, and TAGS. The development version of the code can be found in TRUNK.

Within this folder there are several subdirectories:

  • doc/ documentation and documentation plug-ins
  • features/ the core feature
  • plugins/ the core plug-ins (middleware independent) including eu.geclipse.core and eu.geclipse.ui
  • releng/ everything that is needed for building the feature; at the moment it contains a simple update-site project
  • test/ some JUnit tests

The plug-in eu.geclipse.core has one external dependency to a tar-library. Therefore it is not possible to compile it, until we have removed this dependency.

Installing the middleware specific extensions

...waiting for content...

First steps with g-Eclipse

To help new users when trying out g-Eclipse, we have included some documentation in the Eclipse help system, and as cheat-sheets which will guide you though the process of creating your first g-Eclipse Grid project.

  • Eclipse Help: Help | Help Content | 'g-Eclipse'
  • Eclipse Cheat-Sheets: Help | Welcome | Tutorials | 'Set up your g-Eclipse environment'

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