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Framework to develop simple Eclipse plugin using PHP

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Project lead, student:


This project is one of the selected projects for Google's Summer of Code program in 2007.


Abstract Framework to develop simple Eclipse plugin using PHP. Create a framework that could support developing simple Eclipse plugin using a PHP To Java bridge (Like Caucho's Quercus and other JSR 223 engines). Develop and document a sample plugin in PHP, so that PHP developers could create simple plugins.


PHP today can be used for almost anything but it will be rather difficult to use it for building GUI's in Eclipse, extending existent Views/Editors or what not Eclipse Widgets that is usually done in Eclipse plugins. Although it is possible to create Java objects in PHP code and interact with them, call arbitary methods on even preinitialized objects this should not be the case in getting aid from PHP from the Eclipse plugin development point of view. PHP should or can be used for the functional parts of the plugins. Either using a third party PHP library to do some work or writing functionality that one would not want to do in Java for a reason. Of course such an aspect is not a very appealing.

  • General introduction on whys and hows
  • map java methods to PHP functions via annotations
    • work out the annotation interface. Something along the lines:
      • php file name
      • function name
      • function params
      • object name
      • object method
  • PHP discovery system
    • Search for PHP files from the current project
      • Predefined folder(s) support to speed up scanning
    • Using reflection gather information about the PHP source code
    • Provide code completion
  • General ScriptEngine support
    • Dependency for php-engine.jar