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Forking Eclipse ICE

This page describes the process for creating a fork of the ICE project. This assumes basic simmilarity with Git and that you have a Github account. For working with ICE, the fork will be a copy of the entire repository that you can edit and make changes to. Then, if you propose new content or bug fixes, you can submit a pull request that could be added back to the main ICE prodject.

Creating the Fork

Github Fork Example.png

Go to the GitHub ICE repository and log in to GitHub. Press the "Fork" button in the upper right hand corner of the page, as shown above.

Cloning the Fork Repository

Follow the instructions for cloning the Git repository, but instead of, use https://github/[your username]/ice.git as the URI. Now you will be able to make commits and push your changes to your own fork repository on Github.

Pulling from the Master Branch

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