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Flux/Meeting minutes/20140731

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  • Nieraj
  • Andy
  • Martin
  • Kris
  • Alex
  • John


  • Message bus:
    • Finished up work on authentication - can now authenticate using GitHub auth
    • Works with OrionNode and with Flux plugin
    • Flux message bus up and running in Cloud Foundry with authentication enabled
    • Don't have web sockets working on CF so had to resort to xhr polling which is much slower
  • Looking at Rabbit MQ as message bus implementation
    • Using AMQP initially
    • Will still use web sockets for push delivery of message to client
  • Working Maven build of headless Eclipse+JDT pushed to master
  • JDT Service:
    • Sorting through problems of finding the exact subset of JDT bundles needed to provide the services we need
  • Investigating different algorithms for bidirectional synchronization for real time colaborative editing