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FAQ What can I view in the Hierarchy view?

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The Hierarchy view shows types, their subtypes, and their supertypes. In Figure 3.5, we pressed Ctrl+Shift+H and entered Button. This shows the inheritance hierarchy of Button.

    <img src=../images/F4.jpg>

    Figure 3.5   Inheritance hierarchy of Button

To see the full inheritance hierarchy of another type in the hierarchy, use the Focus On command in the context menu. For example, to see the inheritance hierarchy of Widget, select Widget and choose Focus On &#146;Widget&#146; from the context menu (Figure 3.6).

    <img src=../images/F4-2.jpg> <img src=../images/F4-3.jpg>

    Figure 3.6   Changing the hierarchy focus

You can select any package, type, or method in the various Java views and open it in the Hierarchy view from the context menu. You can also select a working set in the Hierarchy view to limit the displayed elements to a particular portion of the workspace.

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