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FAQ My runtime workbench runs, but my plug-in does not show. Why?

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FAQ_How_do_I_create_a_plug-in?contains instructions for writing plug-ins in Eclipse. [[FAQ_Why_doesn%26%23146%3Bt_my_plug-in_build_correctly%3F]]tells you what to do if your plug-in has problems building. FAQ_How_do_I_run_my_plug-in_in_another_instance_of_Eclipse? explains how to run a plug-in in another instance of Eclipse. Despite all these instructions, in some cases, your plug-in builds fine and the runtime workbench launches but your plug-in still does not show. Various configuration-related things could be wrong.

  • The plug-in may not be selected in the launch configuration.

(SeeFAQ_How_do_I_run_my_plug-in_in_another_instance_of_Eclipse? for instructions on how to select plug-ins.)</li>

  • Your plug-in may rely on other plug-ins not enabled in your

current launch configuration. Check the error log. (See[[FAQ_Where_can_I_find_that_elusive_%3Ctt%3E.log%3C%2Ftt%3E_file%3F]] for messages referring to your plug-in.)</li>

  • If your plug-in contributes an action to the toolbar

and it does not show or if a menu option does not appear, your plug-in may still be activated. The workbench does not automatically add toolbar and menu items to every perspective. Run Window > Customize Perspective and verify whether your contribution is enabled for the current perspective.</li>

Your plug-in may not show because it is not yet needed. If all your plug-in does is contribute a view, you may need to show it explicitly by using Window > Show View > Other.... If your plug-in contributes an editor for a particular type, you may need to configure the file association; see Window > Preferences > Workbench > File Associations.</li>

  • Your plug-in may throw an exception in its static initializer

or in its plug-in class instance initializer. Again, consult the log file for error messages involving your plug-in.</li>

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