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FAQ How do I create an update site (site.xml)?

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Select File > New > Other... > Plug-in Development > Update Site Project. Open the Update Site Editor and add the features you want to publish. A site can contain multiple categories of features, and we added one for this example. After adding a feature, it has to be explicitly published (Figure 4.6).

Click Build All to build all features and plug-ins recursively required for this update site. The result is an update site that is ready to be used in your Navigator (Figure 4.7).

    <img src=../images/site.png>

    Figure 4.6   Creating an update site

    <img src=../images/site-nav.png>

    Figure 4.7   Building features and plug-ins for an update site

You can simply drag the contents of the Hello World Update Site project to an file transfer protocol (FTP) client to publish at a Web site. Alternatively, you can even test out the update site directly by selecting Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... > Search for new features to install > Add Local Site... and finding the workspace project on your local file system.


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