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What open source projects are based on Eclipse?

Thousands of projects of various sizes are based on Eclipse. A small number are directly supported by the Eclipse Foundation as official Eclipse projects but a far greater number can be found elsewhere on the Web. Many are hosted at such sites as Source Forge or can be found in the various Eclipse plug-in listings floating around the Web. The following are the best-known portals for finding Eclipse-based plug-ins:

  • Acknowledging the losing battle of trying to track the growing list of Eclipse plug-ins, this page lists other Eclipse information sites that have lists of plug-ins.
  • This site is probably the longest running Eclipse information portal, best known for its exhaustive catalog of known open source Eclipse plug-ins. If you have a plug-in that you want the world to know about, get it listed here!
  • A newcomer to the world of Eclipse portals, this site has an excellent Eclipse news feed and a growing catalog of open source Eclipse-based projects.

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